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Saturday December 20, 2008

Bisons play at N.C. State

The Bisons held their own for the first 1o minutes…leading 16-14…but following a Wolfpack run—it was soon 37-20…and the Bisons were in a hole…cutting the lead to 12 at the half (37-25)---but then losing by 20…78-58.

I will use my Bison Travel Log…as part of today’s Journey:

Game day.
Justin, Benjamin and I are about 120 miles from the RBC Center where the Bisons and N.C. State will play today. I am sure the team is sleeping in…followed by a pre-game meal…with a plan to be at the RBC Center about 12:15…so that the team can have plenty of time to get use to the surroundings.
I’ll let Trevor fill in the details.
Meanwhile, here in Mocksville…we got up about 8 am to get ready to make the trip to Raleigh. Very foggy this morning as we headed to town---to get gasoline---stop by the post office and a quick stop at Burger King, before heading east on I-40 for Raleigh.
Mom and Dad are both traveling with us…and it is a little tight with five squeezed in the car. Justin, Benjamin and their grandmother are side by side in the backseat! After 2 ½ hours they will all be ready to get out of the car.
Mom and Dad can’t walk very far---so we were fortunate that the media parking was close---and that they could use an elevator to get to the playing floor. The Lipscomb seats were floor level, just behind the bench. They had great seats and enjoyed the game.
We had several “purple” shirts scattered through the sea of red. The RBC Center seats about 19, 700---and the attendance today was listed just over 10,000---some of those could have been not shows…and it was hard to tell how many were there with the fans setting in three levels throughout the arena.
After the game I got to spend a few minutes with my friend Dennis Conner, one of the ministers at Brooks Ave. Dennis and I grew up together here in NC…attending Carolina Bible Camp every summer with Geoffrey Sikes (Minister at Madison Street in Clarksville, TN) and we all attended Lipscomb together in the mid 70’s. It is great to see some of the churches and Lipscomb Alumni in the cities that we are playing---coming out to support the school. Some of the folks from Raleigh home to make the short trip to Elon on Monday…and they are making plans for the Campbell game on February 9th. (Buies Creek is a short drive from Raleigh)
During his pre-game interview, Coach Sanderson reflected on the life and the influence of Barry Brewer. This was the first game for the Bisons since Barry passed away. The team is wearing a patch on their uniforms for the remainder of the 2008-09 season to honor Barry. The patch is inscribed with a large “B” and ‘Barry Brewer’ in smaller print.
As most of you know, I had the pleasure of serving the University as Athletic Director during the 1990’s. I was very involved with Dr. Steve Flatt and Dr. Carl McKelvey in the hiring of Scott Sanderson. I remember that immediately after introducing him---that Barry Brewer took Scott under his wing to welcome him to the Lipscomb family. I remember Barry sharing with me about their friendship. From day one---they became dear friends---and especially during those first few years---Coach Sanderson had no better friend than Barry Brewer. That friendship grew during the years. Coach told me today that the Lord knew he needed a friend when he moved to Nashville---and God placed Barry Brewer in his life.
Barry will be missed…but not forgotten. His spirit was with us today and will be with us in the days to come. Barry loved Lipscomb! I know he loved to go recruiting with Coach…and when he couldn’t go he would call him late at night to make sure that he was not falling asleep while driving.
Coach will miss those calls.
Barry loved to talk sports. He used to call me to go over the list of recruits or to talk about how the team had played the night before. Benjamin and Tyne (Barry’s son) were Mustang football teammates—and Barry and I loved to talk football every chance we got! I will miss his smile, his positive attitude---and his passion for Bison Athletics!
After the game, the team left for Burlington, North Carolina…about an hour west of Raleigh. The team will worship with a Mebane Street Church of Christ in the morning…practice tomorrow and rest up for Monday night’s game with Elon.
Game time is at 6:00 pm and our coverage on the Lipscomb Sports Network will begin at 5:45 pm.
Our broadcast team left after the game to drive back to Mocksville. Since we missed the team meal at the Golden Corral---we stopped in Winston-Salem to enjoy the buffet at the GC! We’ll attend worship services at the Jericho Church of Christ…and attend a family reunion Christmas dinner…before getting in front of the TV to watch the Titans!
By the way the 78-58 loss today---leave the Bisons 1-4 on the road this year---as we began another 3 game road trip…as we are in the middle of playing seven of eight games on the road. Our bench was short today…as coach put it…we had about as many players in suits and ties on the bench---as we did in our road black uniforms. We had nine players that could play today…and only eight saw action….and Jordan Burgason left the game with a twisted ankle…and we will have to wait and see how he responds tomorrow…to know what our numbers will be Monday night.
It started raining during the game…and we drove in rain most of the way home tonight. The rain is moving out…and colder air is moving in for the next couple of days…but no snow predicted!
That’s it for today…Trevor can add more information since he is traveling with the team…as for me it is time to ….Put it in the Book!
During the broadcast today I got several emails from Tommy Clevenger…the first was to get on the Refs…” A technical this early! HOME COOKIN' no wonder ACC teams are so successful.
Tommy Clevenger
I responded…that I had to be careful what I say on the broadcast---
Tommy’s response… My job to judge them not yours!

And after another player went down with an injury… Looks like you and the boys are going to have to dress for the next game or we won't have enough to play.
Tommy Clevenger,
I assured the fans…that I would not be dressing out anytime soon!
Tommy also kept me updated on the Belmont/Tennessee game…Belmont lost by just 2…in Knoxville! Belmont has a fine team again this year!
Tommy also…got another vote…to keep the emails coming…this one from Jeanette Hammel:
Jonathan, I hope Tommy continues to write to you as he always as and not change a thing. As I've told you before, it is obvious how much Tommy truly cares about you by the way he takes the time to rib you with great detail. It keeps the journey interesting as well.
Maybe Tommy needs a piece of coal like you got from Santa this year!

'Live, Laugh, and Love'

The Lord Bless You and Keep You...
Numbers 6:24~26

Thank you for keeping in touch...Dennis and Jeanette

I got this Christmas message today from Rigoberto in Honduras:



Merry Christmas to everyone! I mailed many of our Christmas cards today…Barbara has another large stack that she has been working on this weekend also.

She was up early today for the ladies “Country Christmas Coffee” at Bill and Neika Stephens. Later she went with the Dickerson’s to Nathan Slagle’s wedding. I am sorry I was out of town and missed the wedding.

Tomorrow we will attend services at my hometown congregation—Jericho—and then attend a “Forrest Family” Christmas Dinner. The boys will want to get home quickly to watch the Titans!
Our Journey….continues…

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