Jonathan’s Journey
Friday December 19, 2008

A night at the Bluebird

Last night we had our annual Christmas Celebration with the Geoffrey Sikes family. This year we did something a little different. We gathered at the Bluebird Café for a songwriter’s night. The event had been organized by Paul Sikes—as he and three of his song writing friends—performed for two hours! It was a great program. We had a blast.

Paul has written several great songs…and he is close…very close to having his first song on a CD and even released as a single by a major country music group. The song was recorded over a year ago---and has already been sung by the group Emerson Drive on the Grand Ole Opry. That occurred while Geoffrey and Joanna were with us during our 2007 Family Retreat at Henry Horton State Park. However, a change of record labels---and some legal problems---has kept the CD from being released. Paul is opening the group will now release the new CD this spring.

Until then, you can purchase a CD of Paul’s songs on his web site---including the song “Extra Mile”—which we all believe will be his first release! I think if you Google—Paul Sikes---you can get to his web site or you can let me know and I will get you in touch with Paul to get his CD!

After the program last night we headed to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Things have changed over the years—when we had a houseful of small children…now they are either in college or working….except for Bethany! Amazing that we were all able to get together for the evening!

I have a busy morning…trying to finish up some things here at church…and then mid-day the boys and I are heading to North Carolina to my parents. We are heading on to Raleigh, NC tomorrow to broadcast the Lipscomb—N.C. State basketball game!

Wednesday, Barbara and I went visiting---stopping by to see Zack and Martha Lynn Crawford…and I got to hold a sleeping Camille! Then we stopped by to see Keeley and Braden. However, Keeley was at Belmont posting grades---so we visited with Keeley’s mother and Barbara held Braden…putting him to sleep! We continue to pray for the White’s and for Reed…as they await a heart transplant for Reed.

Since we didn’t have a Wednesday night meal this week…we went to Captain D’s---it has been months—since I have eaten at the Captain!

Thursday…I spent the morning visiting with Matthew Bean. We had a good visit---including a time of scripture reading and prayer. If you have time to drop him a note or a Christmas card---he would love to hear from you: Matthew Bean OCA# 225264, 448 Second Ave. North; Nashville, TN 37201.

Matthew wanted me to thank our church family for the prayers and support and for everything that you have done for his family. He is very thankful. He appreciates the letters and notes. Thanks for the prayers.

I got this email from Tommy….I know that a lot of folks who read the Journey…don’t really know Tommy Clevenger…and the type of friend he is…and really…I have urged him to write (because he is a witty talented person---and I knew the Journey needed some spice!)---now he has a New Year’s Resolution…and I hope he breaks this one!

I have been thinking a lot lately. I really enjoy your Journey. What has it been, a year-and-a-half? Lots of folks read and enjoy it. And, I must confess, I enjoy poking a little fun. I need, we all need, a little laughter in my life. But you know, there are probably folks out there who think I am crass and nasty to you. Maybe I am, but I know you know it is all in fun.

But, I have decided to give you a Christmas present! One of my New Year's Resolutions will be that in 2009 you may rest in peace as you write the Journey. No more e-mail comments on the Journey from Tommy. That way everyone can just enjoy the purity and honesty of what you write.

I just didn't want you to think I was mad or upset or something. Just my gift of peace to you. I'm trying to be a nicer person.

Hope you are through Christmas shopping. IT IS COLD AND SNOWY IN SALT LAKE CITY! Hard on a warm blooded old man. See you Sunday.
Tommy Clevenger

This opens up the email bag for you to respond! If you want to continue to hear from Tommy…send me some emails! Maybe even your favorite Tommy stories!

You know we are combining our Family News and the Highlights…in January to one publication…Adam Brown thought I might have a contest to get a new game…so he sent me some suggestions…so if you have some suggestions or ideas pass them on…

So you're having some difficulty figuring out a name for BHCC's new weekly publication? I am so surprised that you did not initiate a contest of some sort for your readers! Here are a few of my suggestions:

The Weekly Sonshine
What's New at The Hills
Happenings on The Hills

I'll try to think of more...I'm heading back to Nashville tomorrow night, so I'll see ya Sunday!


Time to post…got to get back to work…We will keep you posted on the Journey! Have a great day!

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