Jonathan’s Journey

Tuesday December 16, 2008

Tomorrow marks 17 weeks.
This morning we feared that we would ice…but it missed the southern part of Middle Tennessee…and we were able to head to school and work early this morning. Bethany started exams today—so she really wanted to go to school on time.

I had an 8:45 doctor’s appointment with Dr. Paul Thomas. This was my last post surgery check-up. He wants to see me in about a year for a follow-up, x-ray, etc. Tomorrow marks 17 weeks since surgery…just a little over 4 months.

Dr. Thomas…told me today---that it would be next summer before I really started to appreciate my replacement. He anticipated that I would have some swelling and stiffness during he winter. He encouraged me to keep exercising, riding a bike…and keeping my flex and motion.

As I was leaving today….he asked me if I had been hitting anyone with my cane lately? It was in one of his examine rooms---that I smacked Barbara with my cane when I went to give Dr. Thomas a hug.

Bethany went with me this afternoon to do a little Christmas shopping. It is great to have a girl to go with you to help purchase items for your wife.

Back at the office today---I wrote the final cover for our last Family News bulletin of the year. Next year we are combining the Family News and the Sunday Highlights. Still not sure what we are going to call the publication. We are going to discontinue mailing the bulletin---we will hand it out on Sunday..and upload it to our web site.

We didn’t get the ice in the Nashville area today…but we did get the rain. It was pouring down about lunch time today…when I was taking Barbara’s car for emission testing!

Justin made it home today…he finished his exams yesterday…and then drove home today. Benjamin finished his exams today…he will be coming home tomorrow.

Sunday night Barbara and I were honored to be invited to Daniel Batson’s surprise 40th birthday party. His birthday is the day after Christmas…but Rene and Gary decided to surprise him early. He is special young man and Gary and Rene have done a great job taking care of him the past few years.
Sunday afternoon…Barbara, Bethany and I walked around downtown Franklin and enjoyed the “Dickens Christmas” celebration. We then headed back to the BHCC building for Gingerbread House building. I have posted pictures in the Photo Galleries….look under holidays---Gingerbread Houses 2008. I have also added Breakfast with Santa 2008 pictures…click on Photo Galleries and view all the pictures.

I got this email from Ronald Millon today…just another example of his humble request: (the email was written to Tommy Clevenger…and cc to me)

Dear hermano Tommy ,reading jonathan's journey i knew about your friend Barry. I am really sorry. Our brother Barry now is is a better place with Jesus.
One day I am going to have the same experience like Barry and then to see my eternal father. That is my dream , my principal dream to see Jesus one day and to be with my two daughters and my wife , you brother Tommy , Jonathan and all my dear family from Brentwoodhills.
That day will be the best day of my life. But for now i need to take other people with me to the Heaven.
On sunday afternoon I returned with my family from Limoncillo church. In the way i saw a man beside the road. He was holding a little girl of ten years old. The man was crying and he was asking a right.
Here in Honduras is so dangerous to stop and give right to people that we don't know.
most fo the time this kind of persons .are robbers.
We trust in God and I stoped, the little girl suffered and accident with her machete and she was needing to take her to the Hospital.
I said myself and told my family , well this new truck belong to Jesus , and i am his driver , and this father and the little girl need us. So we took the father and the girl and we take them to the Hospital .
This morning someone came to my offce to visit me. It was the man that we helped yesterday. He was crying , but he was so happy and he told me : Sr. i don't know who are you , but i came here just for to said you Thanks so much for your help. My daughter is fine in home. My wife and I have no money for to pay you , but my God bless you.
I told him : my amigo your blessing is enought.
Brother Tommy , this experience was an open door. Jesus was exalted.
Jesus said that we are the light of the world. Let your light shine before men , that they may see your good deeds and PRAISE our father in Heaven : Mathew 5:14

Brother Tommy , honestly Barry was so fortunate to have a friend like you.
And it is an honor to have time for you my dear amigo. Always i will have time for you.
We love you and we wish the best for you and your family this season.
Please when you feel sad , look the heaven , look jesus face . He loves you.
And ofcourse here in Honduras you has someone that loves you and wants the best for you brother. When you need me , just email me and I'll be there. Where you needs me.

Love you
Your hermano en cristo
Ronald Millon
What an amazing man. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

We watched the finals of the ‘Biggest Loser” tonight. It was a hot topic during my rehab---so I might have to stop by STAR on the way in the morning…so see what they thought about the winner. I also need to take them a little ‘party mix’ for their holiday enjoyment.

Hope you are having a great week….enjoy the hustle and bustle of the season! Take the Journey!

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