Jonathans Journey

Weekly update

Tommy Clevenger has wondered if he missed the announcement that I was changing the Journey…from a daily update to a weekly update?

Well, it has just been one of those weeks.
Monday…I was in early to start the day with our Monday Morning Quarterbacks…and then I spend the next 3-4 hours working on expense reports, stewardship plan request and helping Jennie Scott close out the November books.

Midday I had to go home for lunch, and work on our “Christmas Lights”! I had put them up the week before---but they looked like something out “Christmas Vacation” and working correctly—so Barbara helped me work on the lights….because that afternoon I was headed to Centerville for a 24-hour brainstorming session with ministers and other staff members from seven middle Tennessee churches.

The event—called Storm09---was organized and hosted by David Shannon—the minister at Mt. Juliet and the brother of our Rebecca Dorris. The event was a great experience…and very informative. Monday night---our group of about twenty were the guest of Rebecca and David’s parents---in “Brushy, Tennessee”—just outside of Centerville. She had a “Christmas” dinner for us all! Great food, great fellowship!

No phone service or good internet service at the camp—where we were meeting---and we were so busy staying up to 2 am talking…and so no way to post a Journey.

Tuesday, after the event---I drove back to BHCC in the “driving rain”---just in time to finish the “Family News” and a few other projects before heading to Allen Arena for the Bison game with SIU-Edwardsville.

Another full day and night…and yes---when I got home to tired to write the Journey.
Yesterday….we started the day with a BHCC Staff meeting and our annual Christmas breakfast provided by Sarah Baugh, Phyllis Sullivan and Melanie Pennington. A great holiday tradition! Thanks ladies.

After more work on the budget with Jennie and other meetings---I headed to Lipscomb to MC the Fast Break Club Luncheon. The past two meetings have been done---as an interview type program—as I talk with and asked questions to Coach Frank Bennett and Coach Scott Sanderson. At the end of the program…Scott made a comment about “passion” and the life of Barry Brewer…a dear friend of his and mine…who has been battling cancer for years…and we knew had become very sick. About the time Scott gave this great tribute to Barry…he was being taken home.

After the luncheon…Walt and I were having a meeting in the Hall of Fame room…and Neika Stephens called Walt to tell us about Barry’s death. Barry has been a great friend…and we have spent many hours talking about football…as Tyne and Benjamin played Mustang Football together….and Barry was the number one Bison basketball booster.
He also love our Number one Lipscomb Fan…Chuck Ross. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Barry and Jimmy Davy on the “Chuck Ross Project”---a great memory.

As soon as I learned the news….I emailed Mark McInteer---I knew he would be heading to see Debbie and the family…as Barry and Mark were dear friends and co-workers at 21st Century. Several years ago…we took a great side trip from the Pepperdine lectures---with Mark, Melinda, Debbie and Barry---it was Barbara and I first time to really spend some time with them---and it was a great experience. It was the beginning of our friendship…that has continued through football, Bison athletics, CEA meetings, 21st Century Christian projects and the Chuck Ross Project.

Barry was a great Christian businessman, husband, father, and Lipscomb supporter. I am glad he was my friend.

This morning I got this email from Tommy Clevenger:

Yesterday was a travel day for me. It turned out to be very long due to weather and mechanical delays. After I had gotten in someone let me know that Barry had gone to be with God. It is such a time of mixed emotions – glad his suffering is over, glad he is in our home of eternal joy, yet the hurt for the loss by his family is so sharp and so painful. I am sure they will feel the warmth and support of all the prayers and all the friends God has given them.

I wanted to thank you for using your Journey to keep me, and many others, up-to-date on Barry. This allowed me the privilege of talking with God about him so very often. Thank you for helping me to have the knowledge to be able to do that.

I am not even going to chide you over your Journey sliding into a “weekly” update from a “mostly daily” one. Oh, I guess I just did. Oops!

I hope you have a good day. Breakfast with Santa is quickly gonna be here. Practice sitting on Santa’s lap and trying to tell him you have been good while keeping a straight face. You’ll be in my prayers tomorrow. Love ya man!

Tom Clevenger
Let’s check in with Ronald Millon…
Good morning hermano. I am traveling with Jarrod this morning to share the word of God with a group of 55 policemen.
This morning you are in my prayers and in my thoughts. I wish the best for you this beautiful day.
yesterday Walter Goodwin came to my office. He came to pick up the magii Boxes.
We continue busy , busy sending the magi Baxes to all Honduras.
Yesterday Nahum and Ronni , help us with the distribution og the Maggi Boxes in Tegucigalpa. A lot of job

May God bless you.
Love you
Ronald Millon

Pick up this week's Sports Illustrated---a great feature article on Coach Don Meyer and his recovery.

Jeannette Hammel ---sent me the following note and gift:
Not sure if you remember posting the Journey last year on Christmas Day…the one from Tommy Clevenger referring to the “lump of coal” in your stocking.
I saw this lump of coal and thought of you.
Hope you and Barbara and your family have a “Merry Christmas”---Jeanette

So I now have my first lump of coal this season…I am sure more will come.

I also got a set of Antlers and a red nose for my truck from Marcia I am ready for the last two weeks before Christmas….got to make “party Mix”…write our CHRISTMAS LETTER, and listen to “Christmas time is coming!” Great holiday traditions!

Got to go…my Journey…is heading to Sam’s…it is time to get items for Breakfast with Santa! I have to go shopping with Barbara…have a great Journey!

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