Below is a Family Life Line Message that is being sent to our church Family today...with information from the elders concerning tomorrow's day of Prayer and Fasting. Thank you for your prayers and support. Jonathan

Tomorrow…Friday… July 25th---has been designated as a day of Prayer and Fasting for Brentwood Hills. Because of several opportunities facing our elders, causing them to seek God's wisdom as they make decisions to facilitate both the spiritual and physical growth of our body, while maintaining the spirit of unity—they will begin a day of Prayer and Fasting tonight at 8 pm.

Some of the topics of prayer will include: guidance as we seek to either expand our present class room space or better use of our facility or consider planting future churches; our mission efforts both here at home and abroad; continued unity among our family; the continued search for a song leader and other staff positions; and that each of our members will find a place in our body where they can be transformed into the likeness of Christ.

To conclude the day of individual prayer and fasting, our elders will be coming together for a period of corporate prayer for the express purpose of seeking God’s guidance and wisdom.

Our leadership would like to encourage you to participate in this day of Prayer and Fasting. Some of our deacons and ministry leaders will also be meeting Friday night in groups for a season of prayer.

Thank you for your support and participation as we seek God’s guidance as we all continue to Follow in His Steps on our Journey.


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