Most everyone wants to be successful – but many are never confident they can be.

Through the centuries, Satan has effectively convinced multitudes that they are doomed to lives of mediocrity or less – resulting in the devastating loss of priceless potential and countless opportunities.

However, Jesus knows that we can (and only can) fully realize our potential when we “follow in His steps.” In fact, in the final chapters of Matthew He tells a familiar story that illustrates several key and vital principles that are essentially important for any of us who want to be “truly successful.”

This Sunday at Brentwood Hills we will take a practical look at that story – discussing the specific principles and the positive difference they can make in our lives – today! We also will enjoy worshiping together, the continuation of our important study in Sunday School, dedication of the Habitat house in the early afternoon and the first session of Karyn Henley’s seminar later in the afternoon. It will be a full, important and wonderful day – and I look forward to sharing it with you!

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