The "buckets" will be out at Brentwood Hills this Sunday!

On special occasions our elders designate a "bucket collection,"
encouraging us to give to a special need - over and above our regular contribution. The generosity of the Brentwood Hills family is inspiring
- and the response to these opportunities is always amazing.

This week we've been reminded, once again, that life can change in a moment. A day that began as a beautiful spring-like morning in February ended as one of the most destructive nights our state has experienced.
In the wake of multiple tornadoes, we have the opportunity to assist with some of the relief through Sunday's "bucket collection."

Also, especially as we consider some of the events of this past week, we will ask the question (using stories from Matthew 8-14) - "What caused Jesus to walk the way He walked?" The answers to this question are very pertinent for any of us who want to "follow in His steps!"

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Walt Leaver

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