A Word From Walt

On a cold night this week, while in a grocery check-out line, I noticed a young couple from Brentwood Hills at the Customer Service counter purchasing a gift card. They asked the store clerk to give it anonymously to two people they had met in the store a few minutes earlier – new acquaintances who could obviously benefit from some financial assistance with their groceries. Moments later, as I walked to my car across that bitter cold parking lot, I had a warm feeling in my heart because of the Christ-like generosity and love I had witnessed in the lives of these two young people.

This Sunday at Brentwood Hills we’ll be reminded of how Jesus was always aware of those who were around Him … especially those in need … and He “healed them all” (Matthew 4:24). Only God knows how many times every day Brentwood Hills members serve others in the name of Jesus … sometimes anonymously … but very rarely observed from the grocery check-out line!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

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