It is Friday and Sunday is coming...Here is a quick word from Walt about his message for this Sunday---January 13, 2008:

As you are reading the first seven chapters of Matthew to discover how
we can "follow in His steps" ~
Where was the first place Jesus went?
Why did He go there?
This Sunday morning at Brentwood Hills our goal will be to answer those
two questions.
You may be surprised.
You will be encouraged!

See you soon!


Follow in His Steps 2008
Matthew- 28 chapters
January- April: 7 chapters per month
Mark - 16 chapters
May- June: 8 chapters per month
Luke- 24 chapters
July- September: 8 chapters per month
John- 21 chapters
October- December: 7 chapters per month

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Sunday School at 9:15 am and
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