Today is a special day at Brentwood Hills--we have already enjoyed a period of fellowship, food, devotion and prayer---at our annual Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the Sonshiners.

Our 25 Hours of Prayer...continues until 8 am Sunday morning. Let me encourage you to to stop by anytime to pray. We begin a new theme---and a new group praying every hour on the hour. We will be here throughout the day--the evening--and the night or should I say the early morning!

At 2 am we will have a bonus hour--the extra hour of prayer! Join us anytime today at the building!

Or...if you can't come to the building---you can join us online. I will be posting some prayer themes...and you can go into the "Prayer Room" and read many of the posted prayer request that we are praying for throughout the day.

Let me encourage you to pray at home--on line or here at the building. We would love to have you be part of our 25-Hours of Prayer.

Walt will be traveling to Florida this afternoon to begin a four day meeting--pray for his safety and that God will use him in a great way during this meeting.

Mark McInteer will be speaking at all services on Sunday. We'll get to meet Leo Rojas and his wife Xiomara tomorrow night. After services you will have an opportunity for a meet and greet---and a chance to ask questions, etc.

Please keep our secret---that I used Walt's page...but it is a great way to get an email to over 500 folks! I hope you will have a Journey filled with prayers! jfs

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